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Here is the trick for all local airtel to airtel at 10ps and other locall calls at 30ps per minute

Just follow the steps given below

Step 1:Send an sms as PORT ur mobile number to 1900

Step 2:You will get a replay message.

Step 3:Wait for sometime the customer care officer from airtel will call you

Step 4:He will ask you what for you send message?Replay him as every other networks providing offers for customers with different plans airtel is not giving

Step 5:Now he will explain the airtel offers

Step 6:Now say to him I need this offer(A2A 10ps other 30ps)

Step7:Nou you will get activate this plan for free

Its not fake ...Its tested by me in Tamil Nadu ...Check in your state....Just try it you will not lose anything since 1900 is toll freee number


Unlock mobile phone


Hi do you want to unlock your mobile phone?is it stuck with an stupid service provider!now unlocking a mobile phone from service provider is simple,fun and is a unlock your mobile phone you need to know

* Your mobile phone number

* The network (and country) to which the phone is locked

* The manufacturer and model number

* The phone's IMEI number. This is a 15 digit serial number, which you can find by typing *#06# on your phone's keypad.

so to unlock your mobile phone you have to download the mobile unlock calculator and enter the details as required.a screenshot of mobile unlock calculator is given download the mobile free unlock software and unlock it.

Secret codes for call divert,waiting ,identity

Call Diverting

To Activate: * * 21 * NUMBER # [SEND]
To Cancel: # # 21 # [SEND]
To Check: * # 21 # [SEND]
No Answer
To Activate: * * 61 * NUMBER # [SEND]
To Cancel: # # 61 # [SEND]
To Check: * # 61 # [SEND]
To Activate: * * 62 * NUMBER # [SEND]
To Cancel: # # 62 # [SEND]
To Check: * # 62 # [SEND]
To Activate: * * 67 * NUMBER # [SEND]
To Cancel: # # 67 # [SEND]
To Check: * # 67 # [SEND]
To Cancel All Call Forwarding # # 002 # [SEND]

Call Waiting

To Activate: * 43 # [SEND]
To Deactivate: # 43 # [SEND]
To Check: * # 43 # [SEND]

Calling Line Identity

To Activate: * 31 # [SEND]
To Deactivate: # 31 # [SEND]
To Check: * # 31 # [SEND]
To Activate: * 30 # [SEND]
To Deactivate: # 30 # [SEND

Hope these secret codes are working!but pls try at your own risk.

AirTel FREE HelloTune

Dial 543211888 and select your song

After 28 days dial 543211808 and deactivate hello tune(press 2&1)

After 2 days repeat the above procedure and activate the hello tune.

continue this procedure and Enjoy...............

>Dial 543211860

Change Ur HelloTune Song Free!

This trick works only one time.Just download HT Manager application from Airtel

Live & install it on ur phone.

Open it & browse the songs, you can set one song for free.


Free browsing and downloading in airtel with PC

Airtel Live Free Internet Browsing And Download In Pc Using Dot Proxy Softwares

Free Internet Browsing And Downloading In Pc Using Dot Proxy Softwares (Airtel Live users)

Working trick
* First Download Dot Proxy Softwares Click Here To Download Software

*Install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 ( must required ) Click Here To Download

*Unzip the archive and run DotProxy.exe

*Fill with following values local port :1234

*remote proxy port 8080

*Click On tunnel http through https

*In header modification Mode don't add any thing.

*click start button.

* u will see proxy started on 1234

* fill up ur browser and point it to use proxy port 1234

now enjoy free browsing in airtel

Miss call alert

Free miss call alert in Airtel

1]Go to settings.

2]Go to call setting.

3]Go to call divert then out of reach.

4]Then activate it to another no:

Mumbai: *62*+91560#

Rajastan: *62*+91569#

Maharastra: *62*+91675#

TamilNadu: *62*+919894035100#


Free cricket score on Airtel

Get absolutely free live cricket score on your Airtel mobile just send sms(i am suggesting you to send blank sms or you can type anything) to 54321 .You will get live score updates

100 MB Download-Airtel Latest Working Tricks

Airtel had launched a Plan in that Plan you can get 100 MB/month for three months. total you can get 300 mb for three month .

Now you may say it was working two months ago.I will say now also working. So try this!!

>First You have to deactive all mobile office services from your mobile number. How ? Ask Cotomer care to do so.
> After that Send “MY DATA” to 543210

If you get reply like “Service Unavailable” then Try in early morning or midnight.

Then You Will get 100 m.b for one month

To check your usage MB and validity dial *123*10#



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